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Please note your order is processed by a human NOT a machine. In the unlikely event of getting an error on this page or it won't let you enter some of your card details, please contact me! :-) .

How To Speed Order B & R DVDS

OK, you know the B & R volume numbers you'd like to buy but it's a right pain going through all the menus. What you need is the "FastOrder" method! It relies on the fact that the B & R volume numbers are part of the stock code. Of course if you know the stock codes for any other non-B & R DVDs, you can use this method for those as well!

  1. The "Quick Search" box is located at the top right of my web site, just below the shopping basket.
  2. All B & R DVDs have a stock code that contains the volume number. e.g.BR120D is Volume 120 on DVD.
  3. Enter the stock code of your DVD in the "Quick Search" Box and click on SEARCH
  4. The SEARCH RESULTS are displayed in the middle of the web page. The required B & R volume is shown in full and highlighted e.g. 1.Vol.120 - South Wales Archive (60-mins) (Published - 21Mar06). Click on this to go to the correct page.
  5. The DVD is now displayed. Scroll down the page until you see "ADD TO CART". Click on it and the DVD is added to your shopping cart. A window labelled "SHOPPING CART STATUS" is displayed for a few seconds, before you are automatically returned to the main page again.
  6. The CART DETAILS box at the top right of the page shows the number of items in your shopping cart.
  7. To add another DVD, simply enter its stock code in the SEARCH box and repeat the above steps. Keep repeating this sequence until you've got all the DVDs you want to order in your shopping cart list.
  8. We are now going to place the order for the DVDs you've picked. If the WR home page is displayed (the page that says "Welcome...") then click on the "Enter Shop" option in the list of menu options just below the train pictures on the home page. That will make sure you are in the shop pages. If you are already in the shop then one of those menu options will say "Check Out".
  9. Click on "Checkout". It will take you to the CHECKOUT page which is on my secure server. Think of the secure server as going into the Strong Room of a real shop where all you can see are the payment counter and the shopping trolley you've brought with you.
  10. The CHECKOUT page shows a list of the DVDs you've ordered. DON'T PANIC if you want to change the list and there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. There is. Scroll down the page and click on the CANCEL button. That will take you back out of the secure server into the shop and you will see the menu options re-appear at the top. You can change your order by clicking on View Basket and the SHOPPING CART page is displayed. There are buttons which allow to add or delete items on your order.
  11. Assuming that you still in the CHECK OUT page, fill in the information it requests and click on NEXT to go to the next stage of CHECK OUT.
  12. This is the "method of payment" page and just enter the details it requests. Click on NEXT.
  13. Finally a confimation page is displayed.
  14. A copy of your order (the order acknowledgement) will also have been emailed to you, providing your correct email address has been supplied i.e. no typing errors!
How To Order

You can browse and order videos from our site as follows:

1. Web Shop: Click here for our secure online catalogue with search facility. You can make secure credit/debit card payments with this system. (the content is the same as the older look catalogue). The card payment is actually taken by Streamline (formerly part of NatWest but now WorldPay) using a gateway called"SellerDeck Payments". This is all PCI compliant. We never see your card details!

2. Email Ordering: Jot down the stock codes and titles and then email them to me at I will then telephone you for your card and address details

3. Telephone: We have two offices and two main telephone lines. Both are manned during normal office hours with an answering system at other times. The telephone

numbers are: Olney Office: 01234 711615 Leicester Office (formerly THE SIGNAL BOX): 0116 318 3720

4. Paper Order Form: By post to: Wolverton Rail. Incon House, 10 Stilebrook Road Industrial Estate, Olney, Milton Keynes, MK46 5EA. OR: The Signal Box @ Wolverton Rail, 1 Albion Street, Anstey, Leicester, LE7 7DD. You can download a Portable Document Format (PDF) version of our "paper" order form from:


and print it on your own printer. You can obtain a viewer/plugin for pdf by clicking here.

5. Paper Catalogue:
Our "paper" catalogue is also available in pdf format from here (1.72MB) .You can then print out our catalogue on your own printer. Our paper catalogue is simply a double-sided printout of this document. Note the document is approximately 1.7MB in size. You can obtain a viewer/plugin for pdf by clicking here.

I'm often asked why I didn't just keep the paper catalogue as well as the web site. Well there are a few thousand titles. Even with just having a summary of the titles, the catalogue comes

out at 400 pages of hard to read text. And it costs £8 per copy to print not the £2 that THE SIGNAL BOX used to charge for a copy. We also had complaints about the size of the text. Now I like to know as much about a title as possible before I'd buy one. The web site has this information but if I were to print a catalogue with all the web site content then we are looking at a catalogue the size of an Argos catalogue. And it would cost about £20 per copy to produce.

Not enough customers would pay that price. So that's why I'm not producing a printed catalogue! :-)
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