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Please note your order is processed by a human NOT a machine. In the unlikely event of getting an error on this page or it won't let you enter some of your card details, please contact me! :-) .



GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS: As an online retailer I can still trade under strict conditions. I am still only a phone call or email away, Mon-Sat, 0900-2100, SuEx days a week. Most transport dvd publishers are one or two person bands (often family) with many already operating from home or an office at home. They are also allowed to trade so I don't envisage many resupply problems.

DELIVERY: I currently have plenty of stock and it is being continually refreshed although there may be delays. I am now continually sending out orders in batches every 2 days to limit trips to our local post office (which is only a 10-minute walk away). In normal times, orders are usually placed in a sealed postal sack here before entering the ROYAL MAIL automated sorting system so there is minimal risk. ROYAL MAIL is a essential vital service to our nation and will continue to operate. Click here for the ROYAL MAIL Coronavirus statement.

The outside of DVD boxes handled and dispatched by me will be wiped with proprietary anti-bacterial alcohol based cleaner.

27th.March 2020 IMPORTANT CORONOVIRUS UPDATE. Very reluctantly, I have had to suspend all international orders effective immediately. This is because international travel (and hence airmail) has been stopped between most countries. With the current situation, I simply have no way of knowing whether any international orders will actually reach their destination. HOWEVER if you are in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, France or Germany then please email me. I may send out your order BUT it will be at your own risk. That means if it is lost then I will not refund or send a replacement at any cost to me.

Orders for delivery to UK addresses are currently unaffected but may be delayed if Royal Mail starts to have delivery problems caused by staff sickness.

26th.April 2020 IMPORTANT CORONOVIRUS UPDATE:- There have been long delays with Royal Mail deliveries due to staff shortages caused by the pandemic. They have been at least a third down on their workforce. A large backlog has built up and it has taken as long as 15 days or longer for customers to receive their orders. However (and a big thank you to their staff) they are now clearing the backlog and deliveries are gradually returning to as near normal as possible. From experience it's typically about 4-5 days now from when we post your order.

8th.June 2020 IMPORTANT CORONOVIRUS UPDATE:- It's hard to believe it's been 11 weeks since the UK Lockdown began. At last the lockdown is being eased. Royal Mail deliveries have almost returned to normal although there are still delays in some parts of the country. Although I have plenty of DVDs in stock, I am still experiencing delays with restocking from a few publishers but this is because they are only working 1 or 2 days a week. Hopefully that will resolve itself in due course.

A close relative of mine has died from convid-19 so..

Best Regards,

Ian @Wolverton Rail
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